College Admissions Program


Prosper can help make the college application process easy through our college counseling program.


Students and families often feel overwhelmed by steps required to submit a competitive college application.




“Tomorrow’s victory is today’s practice” - Chris Bardford, The Way of the Warrior


A cornerstone of any successful college application is a well-written and compelling set of essays. We provide the environment necessary to unlock each student’s creative potential. We also make suggestions for how to document each student’s individual accomplishments in a manner that is well received by universities.



Assistance with the College Application Process


The number of students attending colleges across the nation has recently seen rapid increases. Competition for seats in almost all universities has increased dramatically. Based on individual one-on-one meetings, we suggest a list of colleges that match the student’s interests and that are capable of providing the best possible opportunities in the context of each student’s long-term career goals. We utilize our years of experience in the field to provide students with all the necessary knowledge and practical advice for how to make a college application stand out. We are aware of all the steps required by each university and break down the application process into manageable tasks that make it possible to submit a refined and fully optimized application.


Services Include:


-  Provide a supportive environment that welcomes all students

-  Provide educational counseling and college planning services

-  Track the student’s progress in the application process every step of the way

-  Assistance with identifying colleges that are an appropriate fit for each student

-  Assist students with practical, individualized advice regarding standardized tests

-  Identify areas of potential weaknesses and find reasonable solutions

-  Assist students with presentation of any unique circumstances to the college


We have assisted students and families with the college application process for multiple years and would be happy to assist your family through this tedious process.




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