Middle School Program


Middle School is the perfect time to build the study habits and knowledge necessary for high school success!


Most importantly, we believe that middle school is a time for exploration and identity formation. As mentors, we help students explore and develop their passions while learning to be responsible and well rounded individuals. In addition, many middle school students enter high school with a goal of attending their dream college, but have no information on what steps are required to gain admission. At Prosper College Prep, we help get the conversation started by educating students on what colleges are looking for in an applicant and helping students develop the study skills needed to excel in high school.


Examples of Middle School Program Features:


- Learn and perfect study skills and study habits

- Improve essay writing skills and oral presentation techniques

- Increase reading comprehension and critical analysis

- Explore majors and careers

- Locate activities that target and develop a student's interest and passion

- Develop an understanding of the college admissions process and what colleges are looking for in an applicant



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