Senior Program

We also understand that the admissions process can be difficult. Staying organized is critical and we provide guidance to reduce the stress involved for seniors and families through our college counseling program. Learn More


High School Programs


High School represents a critical time in each child's life. From that exciting first day of school to the last day of class, the experiences, activities, and academic goals pursued by students determine not only college admissions outcomes, but also influence who they become as adults. We feel very privileged to be a part of the lives of so many high school students in this very important period of time through our college counseling programs.

Special Needs Program


Does your child have special needs? Prosper College Prep works with students with special needs in the college admissions process.  Learn More

9th-11th Graders

College Planning

There are a variety of tasks that are a critical part of ensuring each student reaches their full potential. Prosper College Prep provides a road map that helps each student unlock their potential and ensures that students are well prepared for the college admissions process. Learn More


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